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KGTS felicitation of Master Vaz

Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) diary turned another golden leaf in the history of Tiatr in Kuwait on 17th September 2004 when it donned the colours of
being a platform for fostering the cause of Tiatrists and Goan Tiatr fraternity by felicitating one of the living legends of Konkani stage, Mr. Jose Lourenco Vaz
or very popularly known as Master Vaz.

The function held at Village Inn Restaurant, Kuwait City, kicked off with a standing ovation for Master Vaz led by Francis de Verna, President of KGTS Managing Committee 2004-05. A warm welcome was extended to a huge gathering by Mario Fernandes,
General Secretary, followed by a short prayer and then a lively chorus song "Master Vaz" composed and led by Sylvester Vaz along with Gracy Morais & Laurie Miranda accompanied by Augusto Morais on the Keyboards, depicting the theatrical
voyage - life of Master Vaz.
A visibly moved Master Vaz stood up to thank the gathering with tears of joy for the superb recollection of his works in the song.

The President in his speech recollected the works of Master Vaz along with his team mate the late, Minguel Rod, the excellent rapport they shared and the aura created by them on the stage enchanting the audiences.

Mr. Francis having spent a considerable number of years in Mumbai had ample chance to see Master Vaz's performances on the Stage. Mr. Francis thanked Master Vaz and the yesteryears Tiatrist for paving a path for the generations of tiatrists.

Cajetan Pereira, ex-President and founder Member of KGTS, while speaking at the occasion, cited an example comparing the life of Tiatrist to that of a Joker in
circus, "The Joker entertains as long as he dons the makeup and makes people laugh; Sadly enough, the Joker is soon forgotten when he is old, crippled or denigrated in the shadows of old age".
Mr. Pereira emphasized the importance of honoring the Tiatrists and their achievements during their lifetimes and once again lauded the KGTS mission of working towards this very cause.

Marcus Vaz, son of Master Vaz, a popularly known Konkani stage artist and the founder of KGTS was invited to talk about the life of his father. Marcus, who has worked so closely with his father from his childhood spoke in few words about the difficulties, especially monetary, the yesteryears tiatrists had to endure to preserve this lively form of art. Speaking about the sacrifices of the Tiatrists'
families, Marcus remembered that the tiatrists would go to the extent of using family gold or even the saris of their wives to fund for the tiatrs. Mr. Vaz
concluded that it is due to the overwhelming love of the yesteryears tiatrists that Tiatr has survived turbulences of time and it is for the current Tiatrists to carry the torch from generations to generations.

Another senior tiatrist and KGTS Member, Manuel de Santa Cruz remembered coming across the works of Master Vaz in the book "Tiatr &Tiatrist" (by Fausto V. Da Costa). Mr. Manuel stated that he was remarkably pleased to read about Master Vaz's entry into the tiatr foyer at a tender age of 7 under the tutelage of immensely talented parents Mr. Benjamin (then known as Mr. Vaz) and Mrs. Aurora Vaz.

During the presentation ceremony, a glittering plaque was presented to Master Vaz by the KGTS President commemorating his dedicated services to the Konkani stage.

Master Vaz, in a very emotive speech thanked his sons, Marcus and Benny primarily for bringing him to Kuwait. In his words, he never envisioned to travel to Kuwait and act in a drama. He conveyed his sincerest thanks to the KGTS for it's great service to the Tiatr fraternity. He told the gathering that his sons had told him that KGTS had collected and sent Rs. 25,000 each to 4 beneficiaries including Mary Vaz, Roam Tony, Prem Kumar and John Nazareth. He remembered that during his time, the tiatrists were paid Rs. 25 for a show. Remembering Roam Tony, Master Vaz said, "how happy Roam Tony must have felt comparing the Rs. 25 earning per show of his times and the Rs. 25,000 the KGTS has sent for his work today".
A humble man that he is, Master Vaz said "Now I feel I have done something great, if the KGTS has deemed it fit to felicitate me".

Gracy Morais, Auditor, in her vote of thanks, thanked Master Vaz and his family for their valuable presence at the occasion. She also thanked KGTS Managing Committee, Members and their families for their unanimous support at all times in KGTS activities.

Mr. Mario concluded the session by once again inviting all the guests to join in the song, "Master Vaz". The function ended with a sumptuous breakfast served by
the Village Inn Caterers and with the KGTS more determined in their role of fostering the cause of Tiatr and Tiatrists fraternity.

MASTER VAZ (Jose Lourenco Vaz)
Lyrics by: Sylvester Vaz
Sang by Sylvester / Gracy / Laurie / Augusto


Khuxen bhortat kallzam amchim, Tiatristank bhag hem kedem
Adlo Tiatrist Goencho, Kuwait-ant ieun, aiz assa amchem modem
Tanem Palkacher kel'lo vavr, Vakhannunk kantar pavnna edem
Palkacho khambo ghott, marinam hanv fott, Jivit tachem sadem.

Konn zait to sangat Toch to MASTER VAZ
State Award gheupi Toch to MASTER VAZ
Jose Lourence tachem nanv Toch to MASTER VAZ
Ganvan Aldoncho, rauta Utorda Toch to MASTER VAZ


Adim cheddvam nachonaslim, Tednam part keli cheddvachi
Tiatr boroile, kantaram ghodlim, Porva korunk nam
jivachi Devan dil'li art moronam, Aiz pasun umed dista
tachi Tannem pettoil'li pontti putan jivi dovorli,
art aplea Bapaichi.

Kuwait ieunk bhag mevlem Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
Amkaim bhag favo pollounk Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
Devan zaitim vorsam dovorcho Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
KGTS aiz bhou mann korta Teach MASTER VAZ-AK

Soglle ubhe ravon tallio mar-ia Teach MASTER VAZ-AK

Report & Photographs by:
Augusto & Gracy Morais - KGTS Members

(c) All rights reserved.
For pictures: visit

-gaspar almeida

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Hanv zantto zalam, Mhoji art mhatari zavnknam."

"Hanv zantto zalam,
Mhoji art mhatari zavnknam."

MASTER Vaz, Goemcho ek mhalgoddo tiatrist, zaka konnuch ollkonastanam aschonam oxem dista. Poilench Konknni film "Mogacho Aunddo" kaddlelem taka Master Vaz-an mukhi git ghoddlelem. Ernest Rebellon hea lovkik gavpi ani kantaram ghoddpeak, child artiste mhunnon aplea "Bombaichi Istil" tiatran 1934 vorsa ghetlelo. Dadhleachi toxich ostorechi bhumika korun to tiatr pollenarank dipkavn uddoitalo. To turner koso kamant ekdom huxear aslo punn tiatrisponnank lagon taka kamacher lokx ghalunk mell'lenchnam. To boreantleo boro borovpi, digdorspi, gitam ghoddpi ani gitam gavpi zavn gelo. Master Vaz Setembracher 6, 1927, Mapxeam Disttikaraguer zolmank ailo. Azun pasun to adlech umedin kantar korta anim halimch tannem aplo anink ek tiatr kela.

Master Vaz-achi mulakat bai Antonette Pereira-n ghetleli Goemchea durdorxonnank. Tantle kaim bhag hanga ditanv.

Antonette: Konknni machiechi xiddi tum poilech pavtt kednam choddlo?

Master Vaz: Mhozo zolmancho ganv Mapusa, zhoim hanv Setembracho 6ver, 1927 vorsa zolmolom. Mhoji maim Mapxemchi ani pai Aldoncho, ani Alfred Rose mhozo khaxea bapulbhav. Mhojim maim-pai tiatrist aslim, ani hanv sat vorsamcho astanam tannim mhaka ani mhoje bhoinink Josefinank (tem tednam nov vorsamche aslem) machier haddlim. Paik "Mr Vaz" mhunttale mhunnttoch mhaka nanv poddlem "Master Vaz". Mhoje khorem nanv Jose Lourenco Vaz punn tea navan mhaka konnuch vollkonant.

A: Tiatrisponn tujem zolmanchem daiz tor?

V: Hoi. Tiatristponn mhaka mhojea avoi-bapai koddlean eilem. Mhoji maim, poili ostori tiatr borovpinn. Tinnem tiatr boroil'lo "Son of Portugal" ani 1936 vorsa tinnem to PT Bhangwaddi, Mumboint, dakhoil'lo.

A: Tuvem kitlea tiatramnim kam kelaim?

V: Hanv poilo tiatrant nachlam to tiatr aslo Ernest Rebelocho, toxech vhoddle-vhoddle actor asle: Saib Rocha, Koblo, Saib Rochachi poili bail Miss Ermelin, Carlot. Tea uprant Souzalin, Alexinho de Candolim, C Alvares, Boyer, John Claro, Mike Mehta ani heramchea tiatramnim hanvem bhag ghetla.

A: Tuvem kitle tiatr boroileat? Tantlo Master Vaz-acho "master-piece" mhunntlear khuimcho?

V: Hanvem poiloch tiatr boroilolo to aslo "Jack and Mack Tarvar zale pack" ani "Addecho Dotor". Uprant mhaka bore ekttor mevlea uprant tiatr boroilet te asle "Mhalgoddo Put Fulgoddo", "Bapui", ani oxem korun hanvem soglle mellon ponchvis tiatr boroileat. Hanvem halimch nimanno tiatr boroilo "Saiba Tankam Bhogos" ani amchea ganvchea bhurgeank ghevn to palkar haddlo. Punn ho "nimanno" mhunnonk mhojean zaina zorui hanv atam zantto zalam mhoji art mhatari zavnknam.

A: Tum chodd korun cheddvachi part kortalo mhunntat…

V: Tednam konnuch cheddvam sttegir einaslim. Punn amkam amcho palk rakhonk zai aslo, dekhun amkam cheddeank cheddvam neschench poddlem. Ani poilench suru kelem Minguel Rod-an; tannem poileach chedvak ghetlem tem aslem Miss Marikin. Uprant Miss Julie, Andrew Fernandes, Vicent de Saligao, Star of Arossim…ani tantuntlo hanv ek…Master Vaz. Ani zorui tor ami cheddvam nesonk nasle zalear ho palk jivo urchonaslo.

Uprant C Alvaresan tiatr haddlo "Avoichem Kortub" ani titun tennem Miss Mohanank haddlem, ani tednam thavn him cheddvam sttegir ievnk suru zalem, ani atam zaitim cheddvam fuddem soron amcho palk zaito sudhorla. "Real" cheddvam palkar iela uprant palk zai sudhorla dekhun hanv tankam porbim ditam. Punn chodd porbim ditam cheddeank je cheddvam nestalet tenkam. Tanche udexim amchea palkak ed'dem lamb auk mevlam.

A: Tiatrank lagon tum zaite ganv bhonvla astolo.

V: Hoi tor! Tiatr korunk zaite ganv hanv bhonvlam. Minguel Rod-a borim hanv akhem Goeam bhonvlam. Toxem tiatr zatale Bombay, Pune, Belgaum, Vengurla, Malvonn. Tea bhair ami Karacheak gel'le ghenn tiatr "Koxtti, konn bhikari"…tacho boroinnar ST Miranda. Uprant Afrikak ami gele: Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kampala Kid Boxer-ache tiatr ghevn (Amchim Natalam & Kiddachem Soponn). Punn lokak chodd umed asli Minguel Rod-ache tiatr pollovnk, kiteak tednam Minguel Rod somplolo. Teche ami buk velele dekhun ami tiatr kele "Gorib Xezari" ani lok axen pollovnk laglo. Uprant tennim mhozo tiatr maglo ani hanvem mhozo tiatr kelo "Malgoddo put fulgoddo". Tednam amche borobor ekuch cheddum aslem-Antonette Mendes.

A: Tum ani Minguel Rod ekdom datt ixtt koxe zale?

V: Hanv tiatran nachtalom tednam mhaka Minguel Rod-an poilo ani mhaka aplea tiatran ghetlo. Amim borobor borem vid sarlam. Tednam cheddvam sttejir evnk kobul naslim. Minguel Rod-ak partik cheddvam zai zatalim ani tiatr ghevn Goeam envk zai aslo…Tednam tannem mhaka ghetlo, Miss Marikin, Miss Julie, Andrew, Vincent de Saligao, Star of Arossim, Remie Colaco, Jackdom, Luis Rod…

Hanv tiatr borovpak karann: Minguel Rod-an ek tiatracho contract ghetlo, St Andrew's Church, Bandra, Msgr Pereira hachea koddlean. Janerachea mhoinean. Tednam ami Goeam eilele "Lembddo Santan" tiatr ghevn. Sover Janerache ami nimanno show kelo Kansaule, ani satver ami Bombaim gele. Minguel Rod mhunno laglo apunn fattlean etam…Tiatr dhaver…hanv matso Goeam rest ghetam. Punn dha tarik zali…Minguel Rod nam anim tiatracho bukui nam practice korunk. Sadde tinank gaddi pavtali thuim amim gele…Tacho portoch nam. Ami ghaborle…Ani Fr Pereiran soglleo tiketti khopovn house-full kelem. To mhunno laglo, "Atam tiatr cancel korunk zaina. Kiteim korun show chalu kor."

Kopi buk ghetlo ani borovnk laglom…boroitam-boroitam sadde-sov zalim…sadde sovank tiatr…Ekttor sogle eile, ani Kid eilo. Taka hanvem mhunttlem, "Kid tumim ekttaim asle num re? Atam Minguel Rod kaim evnk nam, ani particho bukui nam…Sang atam tiatr koso koruia." To mhunno laglo, tem apnnank sangonaka, "Hanv zai zalear mhoji part kortam, dusrea ekttoranchem tum polloun ghe." Mhaka xevo gham' suttlo. Utor dilam dekhun hanvem tiatr korcho poddlo.

A: Uprant…?

V: Hanvem ekttorank sanglem ki hanvem borovn-borovn tin pordde zaleat, "tumim bhienakat, tumim sttegir choddat anim hanv sangtam te bhaxen tumim korat." Tenkam hanvem urba dili ani sttegir choddoile…rozar kelem ani start kelo tiatr…Tiatr itlo boro zalo ki eklea tori polloinaran vincharunk nam "Minguel Rod khuim assa?"

A: Minguel Rod Goeam ani tumim tacho tiatr Bombaim kelo?

V: Hanvem porddea fattlean ravon promting korun sogllo tiatr soboilo. Konnakuch defeit dakhoilonam. Lok khoxi zavn ghara gelo. Father (zannem tiatr arrange kelolo) ekdom ojeap zalo.

Dusrea disa kitem kai mhunnttlear Minguel Rod buk ghevn mhojexin Bandra eila. "Are kitem sangonv? Mhaka gaddi chukli. Punn ek sang, tuvem tiatr koho keloi?" Hanv matso ghaborlom…mhaka dislem taka rag bha eila mista mhunnon. Sogli istor sangonam fuddem to mhunno laglo, "Arre, buk nastanam tiatr tuvem koso keloi? Oslo ki kumpar assonk zai." Tednam ponchvis rupia share amkam…Ani atm poixi zalear, cheddvam palkar nachtat tim chearxim-paimxim rupia ghetat.

A: Minguel Rod-acho koslo ugddas tuka poilo eta?

V: Eka tiatran Kid Boxer, Minguel Rod ani hanv part kortaleum ani tea tiatran Rod ek kant mhunnttalo…ekdom boro…aikotannam lokachea dolleantlean dukham vhanvtalim. To kant mhunnon dakoitam.

(Kant gaieta):

Adlem mhojem vid, Deva konn diit?
Kiriada laguim mezar kori vhoddli jiit;
Dukam sanvronam kalliz roddtta ghupit,
Jevunk paulom Mary aiz tujea koxttamchem xit.

Aikon kuddik gham' suttlo jiv
Girestkai sonvsarantlo khev,
Vhoir tuka kaddttolo re Dev,
Roddonaka bab tum poilo pott bhor jev.

A: Anink koslo tori ugdda eta?

V: Hoi. Mhojea kazara dis…resper bha zatoch amcho vor hall-an bhitor kaddlo. Sumar sadde-chear voram zal'lim. Thodde nach bha zalelet. Minguel Rod eilo ani mhaka bhair ghevn gelo. Texi keli mhaka gheun sarko Byculla tiatrak. Atam kitem kortoloi? Nam mhunnonk zaina. Hall kazar kobar zait eilem, ani nimnno piece vazoitat: He is a jolly good fellow. Oklek ukol'lea ani nachtat…ani novreak uklunk sodhtat. Novro khuim asa, novro Byculla. "Atam miam kai sangum maje baikola"?

A: Konnakuch sango nastana tiatrak gelo…Saiba bhogos…!

V: Konnank ani kednam sangonv? Mhaka chance-ut divunkna zalear…Osli mhoji got zalea. Oslem mhaka Minguel Rod-an kelam tea disa.

A: Itlim vorsam bolanddlea uprant, amchea tiatranim atam koslem tori sudharop tuka dislam?

V: Amchea tempar hall-am naslim. Tiatr mattvanim zatale. Lighti nasleot, Mhambreache petrolmax dive haddtalet ani tiatr kortalet. Mike nasle, vhoddlean ulonvchem poddttalem. Tiatr fokot ratche zatale. Dha vorancher mhunnon sanglam zalear, ikrank-barank start zatale. Lok babddo chudd'tteo petovn tiatrak etalo. Tiatr kobar zatoch ghara vochonk boxi bha kainch naslem. Tiatr kabar zatoch nidhonk pasun amkam tednam zago naslo. Khup tras zatale. Punn atam soglem sudharop zalam: light eilea, chedde cheddvanchi part kortalet tem gelem, atam cheddvam palkar porzolltat. Hem sudharop poun hanv khup sontostam. Ami tras kadlele khore punn amchea koxttancho amkam foll mevla. Itleak lagon hanv Devak argam ditam.

A: Konknni tiatrachea palkak tum kitem anvddeta?

V: Atam mhozo put tiatrist ani mhojea poros boro composer zala. Oxem amchea bhurgeanim borim kantaram ghoddun, boro tiatr korun, lokak dhadoxi korcho. Ek nevo tiatrist zatolo zalear tennem poilem compose korunk xinkonk zai. Compose kelem mhunntoch to konnacheat rinnan nam, to aplem own korta. Toxem cheddvanim amcho palk sobhovnk zai ani to jivo dovrunk zai. Amcho palk jivo urlea puro mhunnon hanv Deva laguim magtam.

Hanv mhunnonk sodhtam ki hanv zantto zalam pun mhoji art azun mhatari zavunk nam. Toxemch hanv magtam heam bhurgeam laguim: Tumi vavrat, vhoir sorat, ani amcho palk sasnnank jivo dovrat.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jose Lourenco Vaz (MASTER VAZ)

Master Vaz, a multi-faceted tiatrist

- By Glacxy Fernandes (Navhind Times)

Master Vaz, a resident of Utorda, was seven years old when he started acting on the Konkani stage. Acting was in his blood because his father, Mister Vaz (Benjamin Vaz) and mother, Maria Aurora Vaz were also tiatrists.

His real name is Jose Lourenco Vaz, but the audience preferred calling him Master Vaz and the name remained.
I have acted in innumerable tiatrs. I just can?t say how many, says this 75-year old actor who has acted alongside famous Konkani tiatrists of yesteryears like J P Souzaline, M Boyer, etc.

Earlier, girls used to not act in tiatrs, he narrates.
So if the story demanded a girl, the male actors used to dress as females and do the act. Master Vaz fondly recalls that he along with others like Remmy Colaco,
Luis Rod, Andrew Fernandes, some of them who used to act as girls.
It was only in C Alvares' Avoichem Kortub that Miss Mona became the first girl to act on the Konkani stage, he reveals.

As a Konkani tiatrist he has performed in Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Poona, Malwan, Africa, Mombasa, Campala, Nairobi, Nakuru, etc. Master Vaz has also written and directed about 25 Konkani tiatrs. Menino Render, Bapui Malgoddo, Put Fulgoddo are some of them. Besides, he has also composed songs for various tiatrs including the title-song of the first Konkani movie, Mogacho Anvddo directed by Jerry Braganza.
He has also acted in the Konkani movie, Amchem Noxib.

Master Vaz was honoured by the Konkani Heritage, Kuwait, on August 18, last year, for his immense contribution to the growth of tiatrs. He was also presented with the State Cultural Award by the state government in 1996-97.
I feel that the government must award female Konkani actors too, as it will give
a boost to the talents in them, suggests Master Vaz.

Now, Master Vaz writes and directs Konkani plays (one hour shows) for All India Radio. He has also composed and sung a song in his son, Marcus' Konkani music
cassette called 'Goenchi Girestkai' which will be released next month.

He also trains others in acting as he believes in passing on to others what he has
learnt in his lifetime.
You know, I might have become old, but the actor in me is still young, he adds


(As posted by gaspar almeida in Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter)