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KGTS felicitation of Master Vaz

Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) diary turned another golden leaf in the history of Tiatr in Kuwait on 17th September 2004 when it donned the colours of
being a platform for fostering the cause of Tiatrists and Goan Tiatr fraternity by felicitating one of the living legends of Konkani stage, Mr. Jose Lourenco Vaz
or very popularly known as Master Vaz.

The function held at Village Inn Restaurant, Kuwait City, kicked off with a standing ovation for Master Vaz led by Francis de Verna, President of KGTS Managing Committee 2004-05. A warm welcome was extended to a huge gathering by Mario Fernandes,
General Secretary, followed by a short prayer and then a lively chorus song "Master Vaz" composed and led by Sylvester Vaz along with Gracy Morais & Laurie Miranda accompanied by Augusto Morais on the Keyboards, depicting the theatrical
voyage - life of Master Vaz.
A visibly moved Master Vaz stood up to thank the gathering with tears of joy for the superb recollection of his works in the song.

The President in his speech recollected the works of Master Vaz along with his team mate the late, Minguel Rod, the excellent rapport they shared and the aura created by them on the stage enchanting the audiences.

Mr. Francis having spent a considerable number of years in Mumbai had ample chance to see Master Vaz's performances on the Stage. Mr. Francis thanked Master Vaz and the yesteryears Tiatrist for paving a path for the generations of tiatrists.

Cajetan Pereira, ex-President and founder Member of KGTS, while speaking at the occasion, cited an example comparing the life of Tiatrist to that of a Joker in
circus, "The Joker entertains as long as he dons the makeup and makes people laugh; Sadly enough, the Joker is soon forgotten when he is old, crippled or denigrated in the shadows of old age".
Mr. Pereira emphasized the importance of honoring the Tiatrists and their achievements during their lifetimes and once again lauded the KGTS mission of working towards this very cause.

Marcus Vaz, son of Master Vaz, a popularly known Konkani stage artist and the founder of KGTS was invited to talk about the life of his father. Marcus, who has worked so closely with his father from his childhood spoke in few words about the difficulties, especially monetary, the yesteryears tiatrists had to endure to preserve this lively form of art. Speaking about the sacrifices of the Tiatrists'
families, Marcus remembered that the tiatrists would go to the extent of using family gold or even the saris of their wives to fund for the tiatrs. Mr. Vaz
concluded that it is due to the overwhelming love of the yesteryears tiatrists that Tiatr has survived turbulences of time and it is for the current Tiatrists to carry the torch from generations to generations.

Another senior tiatrist and KGTS Member, Manuel de Santa Cruz remembered coming across the works of Master Vaz in the book "Tiatr &Tiatrist" (by Fausto V. Da Costa). Mr. Manuel stated that he was remarkably pleased to read about Master Vaz's entry into the tiatr foyer at a tender age of 7 under the tutelage of immensely talented parents Mr. Benjamin (then known as Mr. Vaz) and Mrs. Aurora Vaz.

During the presentation ceremony, a glittering plaque was presented to Master Vaz by the KGTS President commemorating his dedicated services to the Konkani stage.

Master Vaz, in a very emotive speech thanked his sons, Marcus and Benny primarily for bringing him to Kuwait. In his words, he never envisioned to travel to Kuwait and act in a drama. He conveyed his sincerest thanks to the KGTS for it's great service to the Tiatr fraternity. He told the gathering that his sons had told him that KGTS had collected and sent Rs. 25,000 each to 4 beneficiaries including Mary Vaz, Roam Tony, Prem Kumar and John Nazareth. He remembered that during his time, the tiatrists were paid Rs. 25 for a show. Remembering Roam Tony, Master Vaz said, "how happy Roam Tony must have felt comparing the Rs. 25 earning per show of his times and the Rs. 25,000 the KGTS has sent for his work today".
A humble man that he is, Master Vaz said "Now I feel I have done something great, if the KGTS has deemed it fit to felicitate me".

Gracy Morais, Auditor, in her vote of thanks, thanked Master Vaz and his family for their valuable presence at the occasion. She also thanked KGTS Managing Committee, Members and their families for their unanimous support at all times in KGTS activities.

Mr. Mario concluded the session by once again inviting all the guests to join in the song, "Master Vaz". The function ended with a sumptuous breakfast served by
the Village Inn Caterers and with the KGTS more determined in their role of fostering the cause of Tiatr and Tiatrists fraternity.

MASTER VAZ (Jose Lourenco Vaz)
Lyrics by: Sylvester Vaz
Sang by Sylvester / Gracy / Laurie / Augusto


Khuxen bhortat kallzam amchim, Tiatristank bhag hem kedem
Adlo Tiatrist Goencho, Kuwait-ant ieun, aiz assa amchem modem
Tanem Palkacher kel'lo vavr, Vakhannunk kantar pavnna edem
Palkacho khambo ghott, marinam hanv fott, Jivit tachem sadem.

Konn zait to sangat Toch to MASTER VAZ
State Award gheupi Toch to MASTER VAZ
Jose Lourence tachem nanv Toch to MASTER VAZ
Ganvan Aldoncho, rauta Utorda Toch to MASTER VAZ


Adim cheddvam nachonaslim, Tednam part keli cheddvachi
Tiatr boroile, kantaram ghodlim, Porva korunk nam
jivachi Devan dil'li art moronam, Aiz pasun umed dista
tachi Tannem pettoil'li pontti putan jivi dovorli,
art aplea Bapaichi.

Kuwait ieunk bhag mevlem Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
Amkaim bhag favo pollounk Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
Devan zaitim vorsam dovorcho Teach MASTER VAZ-AK
KGTS aiz bhou mann korta Teach MASTER VAZ-AK

Soglle ubhe ravon tallio mar-ia Teach MASTER VAZ-AK

Report & Photographs by:
Augusto & Gracy Morais - KGTS Members

(c) All rights reserved.
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-gaspar almeida

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